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There are numerous valid justifications to study in Japan. A few students are attracted by Japan’s high educational standards, while for other people, the fascination is Japan’s rich social legacy. About 5 million students study abroad every year, with that number anticipated to keep expanding. With more than 150,000 global students, Japan is one of the most well-known goals for universal students.

The OECD positions Japanese secondary school students number one on the world for maths and number 2 for scientific literacy. Japan has the most noteworthy number of Nobel prize champs of any Asian nation, and the second most elevated of any nation since 2000.. 49% of Japanese High School graduates enter college. Japan has more than 700 colleges, with 10 positioned in the main 200 around the world.

Studying on one of our global programs permits you to learn Japanese right all through your degree program, while additionally acquiring a degree in another subject. Numerous students with an enthusiasm for Japan feel they need to pick between a degree in Japanese and another subject. The student who wishes to stay in Japan and work after graduation may appreciate a huge preferred position over language majors, who may have equivalent Japanese levels, however who come up short on the degree explicit abilities.

Japan is perhaps the most secure nation in the world. Wrongdoing is uncommon, with Japan positioning toward the end in the number of casualties of wrongdoing per capita (nationmaster.com). Japan normally turns up on arrangements of the most secure spots to visit in the world. Japan additionally has one of the world’s most progressive human services frameworks, reflected right now hope. Individuals from the National Health Insurance conspire pay just 30% of the costs of their medicinal services, with an excursion to the specialist or dental specialist frequently costing just two or three hundred yen (barely any dollars).

Study abroad is an amazing piece of any resume. Businesses esteem the aptitudes you learn as a universal Student. Universally aware employees are in solid interest, and numerous organizations effectively enroll students with abroad learning experience – particularly on the off chance that they can communicate in a subsequent language. On the off chance that you decide to get back after graduation, you can be certain that your involvement with Ajisai will assist you with speaking to high-quality employers, especially those engaged with the universal business.

The ordinary entrance fees and first-semester education costs have been postponed for undergrad English program students. Incomplete and full education costs waivers are even workable for high accomplishing understudies from more unfortunate backgrounds.scholarships are accessible, paying a monthly living allowance, and a movement remittance (first year as it were). A wide scope of different scholarships are accessible, with some coordinated towards explicit nationalities, ladies, minorities, or those with elevated level Japanese capability.


The best appeal of studying in Japan is its academic environment where one can contemplate best in class innovation and get the information that empowered Japan’s sensational postwar economic growth. Regardless of whether it is hardware, Japanese writing, medication or global business organization, Japanese colleges and different establishments of advanced education can offer course studies or research projects of practically any field.
The proportion of students who go on to universities (undergrad level) and junior college (ordinary courses) is additionally high in Japan at 56.2%. This figure is demonstrative of the exclusive expectation of training in Japan. Numerous organizations of advanced education, for example, colleges and junior schools, are well furnished with fine research, PC, and library offices and empower understudies to do their exploration in a great situation.

Benefits and rewards

1. Japan has some of the best universities in the world. Tokyo University, Osaka University, Kyoto University, Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Kyushu University have been ranked amongst the top 70 in the world ranking with Tokyo, osaka and kyoto being in top 20.

2. You will learn from the very best in the world and work in some of the most modern labs with great facilities.

3. Unlike universities elsewhere, Japanese universities have lower tuition fees.

4. Research standard in Japan are very high and they produce some of the best scientific papers. You get to work in a highly competitive and learning environment.

5. Japanese people are very polite and helpful to foreigners. Their hospitality is amongst the best in the world.

6. You can learn Japanese (One of the toughest foreign languages to learn) more easily if you live in Japan.

7. Security – Japan is one of the safest countries in the world.

8. Once you graduate from a reputed university with good level of Japanese you can easily get job in some of the best MNCs in Japan. Your chances of acceptance will be high as you can speak more than two languages.

9. Japan is a beautiful country with a rich culture that they preserved all these years and there are tons of places to visit and explore. The food is very delicious.

10. Medical Insurance: Getting into Japanese health insurance guarantee top class health services at affordable price. The payment is usually 30% of the total bill. Rest is paid by the government for you.